Family owned and operated, Enger Surveying and Engineering has worked with numerous municipalities and thousands of private clients in Michigan since 1988.


Our personnel have extensive experience surveying, and engineering. We have two licensed surveyors on staff. With ample experience our team is able to provide comprehensive solutions for mapping all sorts of projects regardless of the size, location or terrain.


Our insistence on total quality ensures that all phases of our projects are professionally executed with delivery - on time and within budget. The experience of our team in many different industry sectors ensures expert and proficient service.

In a world of rapidly advancing technologies, we realize that our clients may not be familiar with a particular methodology. Consequently, we work closely with our clients to provide total support throughout the duration of their project. Our personnel are readily available to offer assistance during all phases of the project - from the initial planning through to the utilization of the processed data.


In the summer of 2008 Enger Surveying & Engineering acquired a large body of survey and engineering data from Stephens-Kyes & Associates, Inc. This data included years of lot, boundary surveys, commercial engineering projects and topographic surveys dating back to 1945.


We listen to our clients, carefully assess their particular needs to meet their requirements.


In fact, Enger commitment to client relations is evidenced by the volume of loyal repeat clients who are impressed not only by our superior data quality but also by our delivery record and outstanding client service.

    Ronald L. Enger
    Licensed Surveyor, Licensed Engineer


    David L. Clifford
    Licensed Surveyor


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